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Managing business administration (MBA)

Managing Business Administration (MBA) is an e-learning course that dramatically increases your level of knowledge and information in this topic. Remember that the graduates of this course from the management level, in the management pyramid, are considered to be senior managers and are known as business process planners.

MBA is the Managing Business Administration, and Business means all operations that come from production to sales and after-sales services or goods, which occur frequently, while trading is equivalent to the term Commerce, which is the same as sales. Business is, in fact, the entire process of a business, not just its business. The MBA introduced a few decades ago by American universities, the goal of which was the training of highly qualified, high-end multi-purpose managers to cope with the crisis and the ability of the strategic management of small and large enterprises and companies, in the last 30 years, graduates of this the discipline has the highest level of employment and salary and benefits as compared to each other, and this is true almost in every country in the world that graduates from the MBA. The MBA is a master of professional management, which is about 30 Different trends which have been defined in different countries, but the four main trends of this field are almost in all universities which are as follows:

1- Marketing and sales management

  1. Finance management and management of finance institutions
  2. Management of production and production systems and operational projects
  3. Human resources management