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PHP Training for Beginners

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Learn PHP from the basics, through cutting edge topics, and on to certification. Each course offers real-life examples and interactivity to provide a robust and hands-on training experience, to sharpen your skills and add new development practices.
Our Courses are taught online with a live instructor. Classes can also be taught onsite or in a classroom setting (availability based on geography).
In this PHP and MySQL training course you’ll join master trainer Mark Lassoff as you learn all of the major concepts that beginner PHP developers need to master. You’ll be able to code along with Mark as he demonstrates everything from simple PHP commands to more advanced database applications. Each lesson features a companion lab exercise, which will help you retain, reinforce and remember each concept in the course.

Monday08:30Am to 09:30AmProf. Jim WalterA-1234
Tuesday08:30Am to 09:30AmProf. Jim WalterA-1234
Wednesday08:30Am to 09:30AmProf. Jim WalterA-1234
Thursday08:30Am to 09:30AmProf. Jim WalterA-1234
Friday08:30Am to 09:30AmProf. Jim WalterA-1234
Saturday08:30Am to 09:30AmProf. Jim WalterA-1234
Sunday08:30Am to 09:30AmProf. Jim WalterA-1234