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November 3, 2021
University Accounting
University Accounting E-Learning
November 3, 2021

Semi-Private Companies Stock Accounting E-Learning

Virtual stock accounting training for semi-private companies is to acquaint people with the duties and performance of an accountant. It is in the field of finance and business – accounting and has competencies such as quick access to shareholders ‘files, dividend distribution among members, payment of dividends to each member, the possibility of buying and selling shares, issuance of booklets and shareholders’ cards. This competency is related to accountants working in companies, factories, industrial enterprises, and stock exchanges and.. This course makes it possible to understand the basic concepts of issuing stocks and liabilities (bonds).

This course is divided into 3 modules:
Module 1: Stock Introduction: This includes an explanation of the following concepts:

The meaning of stock capital and the method of issuing stock capital
Types of stock capital
Module 2: Stock Redistribution and Stock Seizure: This includes an explanation of the following concepts:

Meaning of shares issued in Par, discount on shares issued, securities premium.
Accounting for the issuance of shares in equivalent, discounts, and premiums
Discount accounting method in stock issuance
How to account for premium securities in stock issuance
Accounting for program money, money allocated and call money received through the issuance of shares
Accounting for the issuance of shares for consideration other than cash
Accounting for stock recording
Accounting for the reissue of recorded shares
Module 3: Debts / Bonds Issued by the Company: This includes an explanation of the following concepts:

Meaning of debts/bonds
Types of debts / bonds
Accounting for the issuance of equivalent liabilities, discounts, and premiums
How to Account for Discounts on Bonds / Bonds
How to calculate premiums in issuing bonds/bonds
Accounting treatment for redeemable debt securities
Accounting for the issuance of debts/bonds other than cash
Accounting for debts issued as collateral
Debt/debt interest (accounting and calculation)
The chapters of the virtual stock accounting training course for semi-private companies are:
Concepts related to issuance, reissue, and confiscation of stocks and liabilities
Prerequisites for the semi-private equity accounting representative course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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