OXFORD EDU LTD via reg number: 11094183 - Incorporated official Edu Company on London in Private limited company form and is under power Of TEDSA Holding. This web site designed for part of TEDSA HOLDING E-learning Volunteer in Uk.

We invite top masters of the world to help us in Oxford's educational and research affairs. If you need to meet us you should come too our Office in Iran, and if you have any letter you could send that to us vi website contact form or our virtual address written in contact us page

Since 2017, with the founding of the branch and the awarding of a formal representation to educators in the world, we are working to broaden the scope of Oxford EDUcation. We have also introduced many short and long term training courses that enthusiasts can obtain an end-of-course certificate by enrolling online at these courses.

The name & Logo of the company is registered and protected by the copyright law and, as you know, a word for Edu (short form of education) is only valid for credible educational companies in the world.

We Offer Services in Benefits for students

Educational and educational assistance, Varied training certificates, Valid credentials, Student card and professors membership card, Tours and training seminars.

Eligibility varies by employee type

However, all specialist individuals can apply for membership of the faculty and Oxford Edu professors. After examining the abilities of these individuals, they will be issued a professors membership card.

Educational Seminars

Students can register at Oxford educational tours and seminars and participate in Oxford events. At the end of all seminars, the certificate will be issued to attendees at the seminar.


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