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Political Psychology
Political Psychology E-Learning
November 8, 2021
Learning Disorders And Its Factors
Learning Disorders And Its Factors E-Learning
November 8, 2021

Educational Counseling And Guiding E-Learning

Virtual education Educational guidance counseling, as one of the most important and widespread social organizations, plays a very important role in the process of socialization and socialization of community members. This issue is especially important in training trainees. Because counseling and educational guidance is the development of trainees ‘cognitive, biological and social development, by transmitting beliefs, ethics, customs, norms, values ​​and skills to the new generation and providing a suitable environment for the development of trainees’ potential talents and abilities, it flourishes. Talent and increase their job performance.
Therefore, educational experts consider the effort to increase the quality of trainees ‘satisfaction and success as one of the necessities of a successful educational system and believe that all educational systems should identify the factors affecting the performance of trainees’ progress and adjust it to growth and success. Apprentices lead.

Educational counseling is to determine a profession that is compatible with the talents, facilities and mental and physical characteristics of the individual. In other words, in this branch of guidance and counseling, two categories of information are examined. A bunch of information about jobs. And the other category of information about the characteristics and talents of the individual and during counseling is sought. To determine and determine the coordination and appropriateness between these two categories of information. To what extent are the conditions of a profession compatible with one’s abilities and characteristics?

List of topics of the virtual training course of educational guidance counseling:

  • Education and academic guidance
  • Counseling and Psychology
  • General interviews
  • Business

The educational guidance counseling course is useful for the following disciplines:
Educational guidance counseling courses can be useful for all disciplines.
Prerequisites for the training guidance counseling course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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