Areoponics Operator
Areoponics Operator E-Learning
November 13, 2021
First-Class Agricultural Work - Benefits
First-Class Agricultural Work – Benefits E-Learning
November 13, 2021

Home Hydroponic Cultivator E-Learning

Virtual training in the cultivation of home hydroponic systems is a competency in the field of agriculture. Which is associated with jobs such as greenhouse designers and builders, greenhouse sellers.

Summary of this course:
In general, in hydroponic cultivation, despite the need for sufficient expertise and relatively high initial capital compared to soil cultivation, many advantages such as high yield, low labor requirement, ease of work, no need to observe crop rotation, weed control, Uniformity of plant growth, minimal water loss, non-competition of plants for water and nutrients, the possibility of providing food supply in accordance with the needs of plants and less use of chemicals and as a result healthier agricultural products are observed. Hydroponic cultivation is the most intensive method of production in today’s agricultural industry and also the fastest growing agricultural sector. Which can well guarantee the production of food in the future. The use of this method is also expanding in our country.

Advantages, disadvantages, types of hydroponic systems, cultivable crops and the use of this cultivation system on a large scale to increase the efficiency of water resources, increase the production of agricultural and horticultural products by reducing the costs of the production process. Also, the designed structures of hydroponic cultivation system in small or home level with the aim of providing the products needed by the person organically, using unused spaces, creating a green cover, beautifying the house and softening the spirit by observing and communicating with plants and also creating culture and familiarity with this. The cultivation system has been useful and efficient.

Virtual training courses for the cultivation of home hydroponic systems:

  • Investigation of home hydroponic cultivation systems
  • Planting plants in home hydroponic cultivation systems
    Irrigation and feeding of home hydroponic cultivation systems
  • Control of pests and diseases of home hydroponic cultivation systems
  • Care and maintenance of home hydroponic cultivation systems

Prerequisites for home hydroponic systems cultivation training course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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