Engineer Of Creating E-Commerce Web Sites
Engineer Of Creating E-Commerce Web Sites E-Learning
November 6, 2021
Web Designer & Developer Engineer
Web Designer & Developer Engineer E-Learning
November 6, 2021

Oracle Virtual Computer Training is one of the courses that the student can easily learn and work with Oracle after completing it.

The student learns in this course:

  • You can install the necessary Oracle software / database.
  • Create and set up an Oracle database
  • Create new database user
  • Database concepts and basics
  • Create table
  • Insert, update and delete data in the table
  • Retrieve information from the table
  • Filter the results set
  • Data sorting
  • Set limiting result
  • Use Ampersand subtitles to create more dynamic data display
  • Single-row functions
  • Report the collected data
  • Link tables
  • Use of subsets
  • There is and there is not
  • Using settings
  • Manage objects
  • Display dictionary to manage objects
  • User access control in Oracle
  • Manipulate large data sets
  • Download Oracle software
  • Database and RDBMS concepts
  • DML (data manipulation language) and TCL (transaction control language)
  • Data recovery
  • Restrict and sort data
  • Using single-row functions and customizing the output
  • Using conversion functions and conditional expressions
  • Report collected data using group functions
  • Define join table and display data from multiple tables
  • Using subsets
  • Using collection operators
  • Objects
  • User access control
  • Manipulate big data sets and more!

Prerequisites for Oracle Virtual Computer Training Course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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