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  • October 31, 2021
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Accounting With Peach Software E-Learning

Virtual accounting training with Peach software, Peach accounting software is a product of Tarfehnegar Group, the first and most widely used accounting software under Windows in Iran. Peach integrated financial software (warehouse, accounting, sales, check control, and production) has specialized versions for stores, companies, and manufacturers. This software has countless possibilities such as issuing various invoices, announcing the due date of checks automatically, the possibility of receiving various reports, and so on. Easy to use with extensive features, Peach software has become the most widely used financial software in the country. This software is provided in single-user and network versions.

This training course is another service of the Iranian Virtual Education Foundation. After passing this virtual course, the student has completely mastered the peach software. And can enter the job market as a peach software accountant.

Steps of working with Peach software:
The steps of working with Peach software are divided into three parts:

The first operation of the course
Operations during the course
Close accounts

The first operation of the course:
The first step in working with Peach software is to enter the business unit information to get started.
This information includes accounting headings, inventory of goods or stores, account holders, bank accounts, payroll,
There are boxes and checks.

First level: the main group
The main group is the first level of product classification and up to 100 main groups can be defined in Peach software. A lot of care is needed in how to group. Because while working with the program, it is not possible to change the main groups of goods. How grouping is related to the type of activity and the accountant’s diagnosis. From the main grouping can be used to classify different parts of the business unit (for example
Production, service, trade and…) used…

To see the rest of the content, you can purchase this course.

Virtual accounting training course topics with Peach software:

  • Peach software training with video and educational booklets

Prerequisites of the accounting training course with Peach software:

  • This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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