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  • October 31, 2021
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Auditor Grade 1 E-Learning

Virtual training of a grade 1 auditor, a grade 1 auditor is a person who, in addition to grade 2 industrial accounting skills, can control the warehouse system according to the type of goods, control the consumption of goods in different units, control the transfer sheets, control the types of purchases, sales, inventory, pricing, and reporting.

Summary of this course:

What is an audit?

It is a systematic process of collecting and impartially evaluating evidence of an entity’s economic activities to determine whether the claims contained in that entity’s financial statements meet a set of pre-determined criteria and then reporting the results to the group. Stakeholders, relevant and interested.

Types of audits:

1- Auditing of financial statements:

In auditing the financial statements, the independent auditor merely seeks to substantiate five management claims by pre-established criteria, which are the accepted accounting principles or accounting standards. The result of the audit is reported to the users of the financial statements in a report called the audit report.

2- Compliance audit:

In this type of audit, only “following the examination of the observance or non-observance of the laws and regulations subject to the regulations and sections of the letters, and…. In the financial statements or reports of the unit under review.

Note: Compliance auditing is an integral part of auditing financial statements. However, compliance auditing itself can also be done as an independent professional service.

3- Operational auditing:

It is the activity of evaluating the operations of a department or group of the organization from the point of view of management controls to determine its effectiveness, efficiency, and economic efficiency.

List of 1st-grade auditor’s virtual training course topics:

+ What is an audit?

+ Audit

+ Income on auditing

+ Audit role

+ Successful auditor

+ Audit worksheets

+ Auditing standard 250

+ 200 auditing standards

+ International standard

Prerequisites for Grade 1 Auditor Training Course:

This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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