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  • October 31, 2021
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Auditor Grade 2 E-Learning

Virtual training of a 2nd-degree auditor, a 2nd-degree auditor is a person who, in addition to skills in supplementary general accounting, can handle the effective factors of the workplace, control audit documents, review documents, control calculations, control logistics, and control warehouses.

Summary of this course:

What is an audit?

It is a systematic process of collecting and impartially evaluating evidence of an entity’s economic activities to determine whether the claims contained in that entity’s financial statements meet a set of pre-determined criteria and then reporting the results to the group. Stakeholders, relevant and interested.

Auditing is one of the requirements of government accountability to the public. Audit, depending on its nature and scope, provides an independent, impartial, and unbiased assessment of the oversight role, performance, or cost of implementing government policies, programs, or operations.

The concept of accountability is a key concept about the use of public resources and government authority in government management processes. Government officials who have access to public resources are responsible for performing their public duties legally, effectively, efficiently, economically, ethically, and fairly.

Government managers are responsible for providing reliable, useful, and timely information to be accountable to government programs and performance.

See for more information on the responsibilities of audit managers. (Legislators, government officials, and the public want to know if:

The government has acted appropriately in managing public resources and exercising its powers, in compliance with laws and regulations;

Government programs have achieved their goals and expected results;

List of 2nd-grade auditor’s virtual training course topics:

+ Operational audit challenges

+ Principles and rules of accounting and auditing

+ Operational audit

+ Commitment audit

+ Basic concepts of operational auditing

+ Strategies for performing operational audits

+ Development of performance auditing

+ Operational audit terminology

Prerequisites for Grade 2 Auditor Training Course:

This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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