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  • October 31, 2021
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Direct Marketing E-Learning

Virtual direct marketing training is a type of marketing that communicates directly with a suspicious customer. In this method, the people who are marketed are selected directly from the target market. The opposite of direct marketing is called indirect marketing, in this type of marketing indirectly tries to attract customers. Like billboard advertising done in public spaces.

Direct marketing is measurable and traceable, in the sense that the success rate of marketing can be determined. For example, by dividing the people who have been marketed to the people who have been referred, it has determined the percentage of marketing success.

Note: Certificates of attendance in professional-technical courses for this course can be issued for 8 hours.

Summary of this course:

One of the most important challenges for marketing managers and manufacturers is to move their products to target markets. Accordingly, the decision on how to move the goods to the place of purchase or consumption is one of the important decisions that the marketing manager faces. The importance of decisions regarding distribution channels is because the company has to adhere to these decisions for a long time. Because it takes several years for a distribution system to be properly established and not easily changeable.

List of Direct Marketing Virtual Training Course Topics:

+ Direct Marketing

+ Marketing management

+ Principles of marketing

+ Sales Psychology

+ E-marketing

+ Zero to one hundred online sales

+ Marketing

+ Marketing and market management

+ Marketing

Prerequisites for a direct marketing training course:

This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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