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  • October 31, 2021
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Economic Analyst E-Learning

Virtual training of economic analyst, the economic analyst is one of the jobs in the field of services, job group of finance and business and includes the following tasks: identifying the concepts and framework of analysis, familiarity with the concepts of economics, identifying methods of economic development, methods of financial analysis and management, volume analysis Transactions and market size and is related to the jobs of fundamental analysts and other capital market experts in the field of analytics.

Summary of this course:

There is a big difference between a trader and a market analyst. Analysts discover the facts and traders manage the risk. These two skill sets are a world apart. Experience has shown that people who try to be traders while also analysts often fail to hold on to both sides of the string.

An analyst and a trader can work together, but their roles are different. A trader injects money into the market and simply measures his performance, But the main goal of an analyst is to understand and discover what may happen in the markets. He measures the facts.

 An analyst calls his misjudgment “market weakness”. These stocks have high-profit potential. But the market does not pay attention to it.

. A trader closes his trade when he makes a mistake and moves on to the next trading opportunity. Wrong is the basic premise for a trader. A trader is willing to admit his mistake when he makes a mistake and leaves the market, But the analyst clings to his open trading position just to show that he is right.

List of Economic Analyst Virtual Training Course Topics:

+ Technical analysis

+ Time analysis

+ Who is the analyst?

+ Familiarity with the concepts of economics

+ Familiarity with the concepts of resistance economics

+ Economic development

+ Trading volume according to analysts

+ Market size and market share from analysts

+ Financial analysis and management

Prerequisites for Economic Analyst Training Course:

This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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