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  • October 31, 2021
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Expert For Evaluating The Damage Of Personal Insurance E-Learning

Virtual training of personal insurance damage assessment expert, personal insurance damage assessment expert is a person who can fulfill the obligations of life insurance, accident, and medical insurance contracts.

Summary of this course:
Personal insurance:
From the beginning of human societies, human beings have instinctively sought physical, economic, social and political security.
Due to this need, insurance companies seek to provide and provide different and innovative plans tailored to the needs of human societies.
Facilitating this instinct was financial and economic stability so that in the event of an unfortunate accident, the family economy would not collapse and people dependent on the deceased or the victim could enjoy the benefits of this economic security.

Personal insurance (treatment):
In this insurance group, the insurer undertakes to reimburse all medical and hospital expenses of each of the insured, which can be paid according to the terms of the contract and by the agreed deductible. In general, the insurer’s obligations include the cost of a doctor’s visit, surgery, dressing, various medical tests, anesthesia costs, operating room costs and hospitalization, drug costs, dentistry, dentures, delivery, and anything else that the insurer is based on. The terms of his contract require him to pay it.

Virtual training course topics for personal insurance claims assessment:

  • Personal insurance
  • General conditions of personal insurance
  • Damage assessment and estimation
  • Familiarity with liability insurance
  • Legal effects of life insurance contracts
  • Additional conditions for life and accident insurance
  • Study of computational and evaluation methods
  • General conditions for supplementary accident coverage
  • Instructions for handling hospital documents
  • Legal effects of accident insurance and treatment

Prerequisites for the training course of personal insurance damage assessment expert:

  • This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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