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  • October 31, 2021
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Fire Insurance Damage Assessment Expert E-Learning

Virtual training of fire insurance and damage assessment expert, fire insurance damage assessment expert is a person who, in addition to skills in fire insurance assessment (issuance) can determine the type of damage, diagnose the cause of the accident, determine the cost of damage and also prepare a cost report. Damages arise from different parts of non-industrial industrial units.
Therefore, the fire insurance damage assessment training course is provided with the following objectives and topics to improve the fire insurance damage assessment procedure.

Summary of this course:
Fire insurance is perhaps one of the oldest fields of insurance after freight insurance. Which man has used to protect his property and assets? In the big countries of the world, there is no property or finance without fire insurance coverage. And, where appropriate, assets and liabilities against the risks associated with fire insurance. Obviously, over time, the need for fire insurance is felt more and more. In this course, we will get acquainted with fire insurance. In fire insurance, the building and all the goods and equipment in it are insured against the risk of fire, explosion, and lightning. The insured may be a residential, non-residential home, or an industrial or commercial unit. Damages caused by fire as well as fire prevention costs are compensable in this insurance policy. Of course, in addition to fire, other risks mentioned in this course can also be covered in fire insurance as additional risks.

Topics of Fire Insurance and Damage Assessment Virtual Training Course:

  • Fire insurance
  • General terms of insurance rules
  • Early Bachelor
  • Issuance of fire damages
  • Conditions and obstacles to applying the damage reduction rule
  • Identify risks in fire insurance
  • Economic factors affecting the occurrence of intentional fires
  • Flowchart of fire insurance issuance process

Prerequisites for fire insurance and damage assessment expert training course:

  • This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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