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  • October 31, 2021
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Principles Of Economic Negotiations E-Learning

Virtual Training in Business Negotiation Business negotiation is one of the most important subsets of negotiation principles and techniques, and to succeed in business negotiation we must be equipped with a wide and diverse set of knowledge and skills.

What is negotiation?

Negotiation is one of the general skills that every independent person needs in social relations. Whenever someone asks

You ask if your preferred answer is “yes” or if you want someone to do something for you or remove an obstacle in your way, in

You are negotiating. Whether you know it or not, you have been negotiating all your life.

Every day, anywhere in the world, people are faced with opportunities to negotiate. Some of these negotiations are simple and some are very complex. Negotiations of two children in a family to choose a TV channel, negotiations of two people for marriage, negotiations of seller and buyer, nuclear negotiations between Iran and the West, and some other negotiations. This type of communication shows that negotiation between human beings can start from simple levels and sometimes take complex international forms.

Summary of this course:

Each of us has material or spiritual desires that may be related to our business or emotional relationships. Negotiation is the starting point for achieving these demands. For example, Mr. (A), the factory manager, closes the door of his room and is arguing with the production manager, Mr. (B). From the window, you can see the workers standing in the yard of the factory and talking to each other. Of course, their voices are not heard from behind closed windows and windows. The two talk about the dispute between the production manager and one of the supervisors. The workers also discuss the outcome of the meeting. Everyone has an opinion on the issue and even judges and prejudices about the outcome of the negotiations between the two people.

List of Business Negotiation Virtual Training Course Topics:

+ Principles and techniques of trade negotiations

+ Principles and techniques of negotiation

+ The law of communication attractiveness

+ Regional techniques

+ Thank you for negotiating

+ The power of expression

+ Effective management of negotiations

+ Principles and techniques of sales negotiations

+ Negotiation techniques

+ Body language

Prerequisites for Business Negotiation Training Course:

This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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