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  • October 31, 2021
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Responsible For Contracts E-Learning

Virtual training responsible for contracts: The person in charge of contracts is the person who can obtain the relevant information and papers, contract affairs, prepare a table of contract terms. Hold all kinds of tenders and auctions and conclude relevant contracts. A contract or contract according to Article 183 of the Civil Code is: one or more people commit to something in front of one or more other people and it is accepted by them. The parties to the contract may be one or more persons (natural persons) or governmental and non-governmental companies and institutions (legal persons).

Virtual training course topics for contracts:

  • Contract principles and challenges ahead
  • The need to conclude a contract
  • Rules for concluding a contract
  • Reporting
  • General accounting system
  • Data analysis and charting
  • Zero to one hundred taxes
  • Collection of contracts

Some sample tasks

  1. Ability to control and implement documents during legal procedures
  2. Familiarity with the legal steps of compliance and control of documents
  3. Identifying the principles of control and implementation of documents during the legal process
  4. Ability to register books and perform various current and past reports and cards
  5. Familiarity with reporting offices
  6. Familiarity with different cards
  7. Identifying the principles of registering books and performing various current reports and cards
  8. Identify the principles of information classification
  9. Ability to compare information and report discrepancies
  10. Familiarity with information comparison methods
  11. Familiarity with the means and methods of preparing discrepancies
  12. Identifying the principles of comparing information and preparing discrepancies on a weekly and monthly basis
  13. Ability to prepare tables and contract forms
  14. Familiarity with tables and forms of contracts
  15. Familiarity with the principles of preparing tables and forms of contracts
  16. Familiarity with effective physical factors

Forms of contracts
1- The parties to the contract
2- The subject of the contract
3- Legal relations of the contract

Prerequisites for the training course responsible for contracts:

  • This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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