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  • October 31, 2021
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Senior MBA Business Manager E-Learning

MBA Virtual Training: The Master of Business Administration (MBA) stands for Master of Business Administration. Since the early twentieth century, there have been international assessment bodies to assess the value of these courses. This period was first planned in the United States in the late nineteenth century as a result of the country’s industrialization and scientific approach to management.

The senior (executive) manager of the business is in the field of services, finance, and business group. Competencies include: identifying the principles and foundations of management in business, identifying the principles of accounting in management, applying the basics of organizational behavior and human resource management in business. Marketing in business, strategy management in business, ideation and design of the business model, financial management in business.

Project management in business, information management in business, operations management in business identification, business legal processes, and processes. Applying research methods in business management is the development of individual skills and is related to the jobs of CEOs of companies and organizations.

Senior Business MBA Virtual Training Course Titles:

  • Basics of management in business

Principles of accounting in management

Marketing in business

Strategic management in business

Financial management in business

Project management in business

Individual skills in business

Legal business processes

Fundamentals of Organizational Behavior in Business

Human resource management in business

Ideation and model design in business

Information management in business

Operations management in business

Research methods in business management

Time management in business

Prerequisites for the MBA Senior Business Manager Training Course:

  • This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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