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  • November 1, 2021
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Deputy Auditor E-Learning

Virtual training of Deputy Auditor, in the field of finance and business – accounting and competencies such as audit planning, analysis of evidence, what type and how much, sampling in auditing, analysis of audit worksheets and quality control of audits, analysis of conduct Professional internal audit and analysis of financial statements audit processes. This job is related to auditors working in companies and institutions.

Assistant Auditor A person who can identify the effective factors of the work environment, perform cooperation with the management, control and evaluate the activities of affiliated staff, provide the necessary guidance and monitor the current audit and reporting tasks. This job is considered as a service job in the type of financial services.

The duties and responsibilities of the individual who is interested in auditing include:
Recognize management tasks
Identify the goals and rules of the relevant unit
Principles of cooperation with management and recognition of its tasks
Control the activity of auditors
Recognize the activity of the management staff
Familiarity with the organizational chart of different departments
Information analysis
Follow-up in troubleshooting, applying controls, obtaining documents, and enforcing approvals
Identify the principles of how to work with management
Identify the major activities of auditors
Organizational charts
Types of contract forms
Job IDs
Information sources of different sections
Information collection forms
Books on operational auditing and management auditing
Audit sheet work
List of Virtual Training Courses for Auditing Assistant:
Deputy Auditor
Auditing standards
Audit evidence
Operational audit
Audit and its implications
Review audit reports
The role of accounting and auditing
Rite of professional conduct
Preparation and preparation of financial statements
The training course of the Deputy Auditor is useful for the following fields:
This course can be useful for any field.
Prerequisites for the training course of the Deputy Auditor:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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