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  • November 1, 2021
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Environmental Impacts Assessment (EIA) E-Learning (EIA)

Virtual training in insurance marketing, it is safe to say that the biggest problem facing any insurance agent or agent today is the failure to find and attract new potential customers who have all the necessary conditions to buy your proposed insurance policy. Even if you are the worst insurance seller in the world, when you meet enough potential customers, you will be able to sell them a number of policies every month.

Today, having an expert and efficient sales representatives can turn the insurance industry into one of the strong financial arms. And have a profound effect on their economic affairs. In today’s insurance market at the executive level, there is a need for numerous changes, especially in brokerage systems at the level of insurance agencies, which have increased the need for qualified and experienced staff.

The certificate with professional technical approval of this course is issued for only 30 hours.

Summary of Virtual Training Course Introduction to Insurance Marketing:
Insurance may be described as a social means of reducing or eliminating loss of life and property. Risks that can be insured against fire, sea pearls, death and accidents, and theft. People who are at the same risk are integrated. People who face the same risks contribute to a mutual fund.

Research and promote the sale of insurance products. As one of the marketing elements in insurance, it is one of the highlights.
The most important parts of insurance marketing research. Doing such research requires construction.
Such channels are sales of insurance services through which it will be acceptable to the user or the insured.

Prerequisites of the course Introduction to Insurance Marketing:

  • This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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