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  • November 1, 2021
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Expert Of Evaluating The Damage Of Cargo Insurance E-Learning

Virtual training of cargo insurance damage assessment experts is designed to get acquainted with the duties of a damage assessor and how to receive compensation. Cargo Insurance Damage Assessor is a person who can determine the type of damage, carry out damage handling, damage assessment, calculate the amount of damage, and extract statistics from the relevant registries.

A claimant is an independent natural or legal person who has the necessary competence and expertise to handle an insurance claim. In general, the duties of a damage assessor are as follows:
The first and most important task of the assessor is to investigate the cause of the accident and its compliance with the provisions of the insurance policy and decide whether or not to cover the accident mentioned in the insurance policy. The appraiser is then obliged to review the insurer’s claim for damages and finally submit a report and determine the number of damages payable in accordance with the provisions of the insurance policy.

In our country, damage assessment is divided into specialized fields of transportation, engineering, treatment, automobiles, liability, and fire, where each person can receive a certificate in only one specialized field. The custodian of the written exam is the Insurance Research Institute, which operates under the supervision of the Central Insurance

The following steps are usually performed by the assessor in assessing damage:

  • Field visit to the place of damage and investigation and evaluation of the damage
    -Recording and recording documents and evidence and imaging of damage positions
  • Review and suggest the most appropriate method for reconstruction
    Request the documents required to verify the damage assessment
    -Processing information and preparing the final report

List of Virtual Training Course for Cargo Insurance Damage Expert:
Familiarity with freight insurance
Cargo insurance damage assessment
Cargo insurance issuance instructions
General conditions of cargo insurance
Principles and generalities of freight insurance
Cargo insurance damage assessment expert course is useful for the following fields:
Sales & Marketing
Prerequisites for the training course of freight insurance damage assessment expert:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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