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  • November 1, 2021
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Head Of Logistics E-Learning

Virtual training has been the head of logistics in the field of finance and business accounting. The head of procurement has competencies such as checking the occurrence of contracts in terms of quality and sample delivery time and mass production. The procurement Manager is primarily responsible for purchasing equipment, goods, and services for the company. By comparing the prices and quality of goods and services, he provides the best and most valuable for the company.

The work of the Purchasing and Procurement Manager is one of the main activities and headquarters of any organization or company in order to achieve its goals and includes all matters related to the purchase of goods and services required to perform all processes. The procurement and logistics unit is in contact with all parts of the company and in a way establishes the company’s relationship with foreign suppliers.

Duties of the Head of Procurement:
Knowing the needs of different units and departments – In each company, different departments usually announce their needs for certain goods, equipment or services manually or through software programs to the purchasing and procurement unit.
Inventory monitoring and forecasting – In many cases, the company’s need for goods and equipment has a steady and predictable trend. According to previous records, the Purchasing and Procurement Manager, in cooperation with the warehouse manager, controls the inventory so that the inventory is not emptied in any way. Makes purchases if needed.
Research and identify products and suppliers – Purchasing and Procurement Manager identifies the types of goods, equipment and services required in the market and suppliers according to the list.
Evaluation of tenders and auctions to select suppliers – In large companies, in the stage of selecting the main supplier, a tender or auction is held between all identified suppliers to select the best one according to the conditions announced by them. Execution and supervision of this process is the responsibility of the Purchasing and Procurement Manager.

List of Procurement Head Virtual Training Course Topics:

  • Management leadership
  • Strategic management
  • Risk management
  • Management of purchases and procurement of goods
  • Inventory control
  • Warehouse accounting
  • Negotiations and trade agreements

The Head of Procurement Virtual Training course is useful for the following disciplines:
Sales marketing
Prerequisites for the Head of Procurement Training Course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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