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Industrial Accounting Level 2 E-Learning
  • By Oxford Certificate
  • November 1, 2021
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Industrial Accounting Level 2 E-Learning

Virtual training of Industrial Accounting Level 2 (Industrial Accounting Level 2) is a branch of accounting science and is responsible for collecting information about cost elements as well as calculating the actual cost of products and services. Describes these methods to reduce production costs by analyzing reports and reviewing production methods. The manager of an industrial complex will have trouble deciding whether to increase production or other decisions or how to make decisions if accurate reports of cost elements are not available. This knowledge can paint a good picture of the production sector.

An industrial accountant is a person who, after passing the necessary training courses, is able to understand the concepts of industrial accounting, classification of costs and related reports, method of recording accounting materials in offices, registration of salaries in industrial accounting, costing in manufacturing companies, recognition Overhead costing in manufacturing companies. Industrial accounting was formed with the developments of various industries, especially the industrial revolution. Knowing the cost of manufactured products is a vital need to determine the selling price and optimal performance of companies. Therefore, industrial accounting, with the evolution of tools and production methods, moves towards advanced costing so that the costs and cost of ready-to-sell goods can be determined clearly and with full transparency.

Advantages of a second-degree industrial accountant:

  • Revenue potential is favorable.
  • You can work wherever you want.
  • There is entrepreneurial potential.

Disadvantages of second-degree industrial accounting:

  • There is a busy season.
  • Work can be stressful.

Topics of the second degree industrial virtual accountant training course:

Concepts of industrial accounting

Industrial accounting 2

Industrial accounting 3

_ Cost Accounting

Cost accounting and tax accounting

_ Management Accounting

_ Activity-Based Costing

The second-degree industrial training course for industrial accountants is useful for the following fields:

Management Accounting
human resources accounting
Governmental Accounting
Prerequisites for the second-degree industrial accounting course:

First-class industrial accountant

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