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  • November 1, 2021
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Marketing Manager E-Learning

Marketing Manager Virtual Training is a practical and easy guide to marketing analytics for products. We teach you how to analyze data so you can make better marketing decisions.

Marketing analysis training has a purely academic focus, with an emphasis on statistical accuracy and importance that is rarely achieved in the corporate world. As we work in marketing for companies of all sizes, we see a sharp gap between how to teach analytics and how to use them. Decisions – even in very large companies – are usually made quickly and with very incomplete data. This course teaches you how to analyze data in ways that can be used immediately in the workplace.

This course is intended for marketers, managers, and entrepreneurs with different levels of experience who want to have a comprehensive overview of quantitative marketing. This content can also be useful for people who are preparing for an interview and for analysts who do not have marketing expertise. This content is not for those who are looking for a position in statistics or business intelligence.

The main topics of Virtual Marketing Manager:

Marketing analysis

Digital marketing analysis

Analytical Marketing

Data-based marketing

Marketing data

Market analysis

A little marketing

Product Marketing and Digital Product Marketing

Production management

Marketing plan

Startup Marketing

SaaS Marketing

marketing strategy

Product Marketing Manager

Who is this course suitable for?

Marketing managers
Product managers
Product owners

Prerequisites for this course:

The Marketing Manager course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the ground up.

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