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  • November 1, 2021
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Order (Responsible For Orders) E-Learning

Virtual order training – a person in charge of orders, a job in the field of finance and business who should be able to handle the request for ordering goods.

Responsible for orders is one of the most basic and major activities in centers active in the field of finance and business. In order to perform orders correctly and by examining important parameters and determining priorities, a job has been defined as a person in charge of orders, whose duties are to perform all matters related to collecting the necessary information in the field of receiving orders and sending shipments and overdue orders. Be.

Tasks responsible for orders:

  • Buy raw materials to fit the order form.
  • Evaluate suppliers after each purchase.
  • Create an archive to record the purchase and supply records of suppliers.
  • Follow up all administrative and commercial affairs of the purchased materials until they reach the factory.
  • Follow up on problems with purchased materials until the problem is resolved.
  • Carrying out all registration of purchase orders abroad.
  • Provide supplier purchase and evaluation reports to the Business Manager.
  • All responsibilities and duties assigned by the relevant manager.
  • Set up a purchase contract and follow up on doing them.
  • Participate in purchase contract follow-up sessions.
  • Announce the purchase amount to the financial unit for payment.

In general, it can be said that the person in charge of orders should be able to prepare the request for ordering goods, issue necessary remittances for ordering, register requests for ordering goods and ordered goods, archive requests for ordering goods, and requests issued from the warehouse.

List of order virtual training course-order manager:

  • Warehousing and purchase management
  • Principles of warehousing
  • Standard and responsible for orders
  • Responsible for orders
  • Warehousing
  • Warehouse inventory control methods
  • Inspection and counting of goods in stock
  • Inventory
  • Inventory software and inventory control
  • Basics and principles of warehousing
  • Warehouse accounting and cost control
  • Inventory and inventory control

Prerequisites for order training course – responsible for orders:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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