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  • November 1, 2021
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Virtual Training Of Car Insurance Assessment Expert E_learning

Virtual training of a car insurance assessment expert is a course after which the student must evaluate and report the damages with thought, technique, sufficient experience, and honesty.

Damage Assessor:
Damage Assessment Expert + Damage File Handler

A damage assessor A person who performs the (expert) damage assessment work and “complies with the provisions of the insurance policy and handles the claim file is called a loss adjuster.”

Therefore, the damage assessor should be fully familiar with the following:
3- Expert work of initial visit
3- Familiar with export
3- Matching and calculating the insurance premium

Car insurance experts:
Individuals or neutral legal institutions are the mission of the insurers at the request of the insurers to investigate the claims and claims (Claims) of the insurers and to assess and adjust (Assessment & Adjustment) according to the terms of the insurance policies and the obligations of the insurers.

Insurance Claim Assessor: An independent and fully experienced person that insurers use in return for payment of commission (Commission) to investigate and claim claims (Claims) as well as assess the actual amount and determine the value of each claim.
In other words, it is the personal damage assessor who reviews, evaluates, and directs the declared losses of the insurers in the insurance company.

Index of Virtual Training Course for Car Insurance Expert:

  • Central insurance regulations
  • Principles and rules of insurance
  • Supply of car insurance in insurance companies
  • Evaluate and estimate the damages of different types of insurance
  • Car insurance
  • General conditions of car body insurance
  • Car body insurance
  • Insurance rules for vehicle owners against third parties
  • Compulsory insurance law for damages to third parties
  • Damage assessment process for various types of ground vehicles
  • Instructions for paying for body damage
  • How to issue a technical examination

A car insurance assessment expert is useful for the following areas:
the mechanic
Prerequisites for the training course of car insurance assessment expert:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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