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  • November 2, 2021
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Sepidar Accounting Software E-Learning

Virtual Computer Skills Virtual Training (International Computer Driving License) is an international computer user course, also known as ICDL for short. ICDL stands for International Computer User Course and passing this course certifies users’ computer skills. Obtaining an ICDL degree means achieving a degree of computer skills that a person has basic skills and basic computer skills.
The Certificate of Second Class Computer Skills is valid worldwide, ICDL is very easy to learn and only requires knowledge of computer software and hardware.

Advantages of first and second-grade computer skills:
Will help people inexperienced in computer and office software.
It will ensure the computer skills of the employees.
Reduce IT support and training costs
Avoid wasting time due to lack of IT knowledge
List of first and second-grade virtual computer skills training topics:
Familiarity with the basic concepts of information technology (IT)

Introduction to How to Use a Computer and Windows Operating System (ICDL)

Familiarity with using Word word processor software

Familiarity with Excel spreadsheets

Familiarity with Access database software

Familiarity with PowerPoint presentation software

Familiarity with the concepts of the Internet

The first and second-grade computer skills course is useful for the following disciplines:

All companies and businesses

Prerequisites for this course:

The ICDL course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the ground up.

What is accounting?

Accounting is a system that measures the activities of the business unit, then processes this information in the form of reports, and finally presents the results of the business unit’s activities and performance to decision-makers. For this reason, accounting has been called the “language of business”.

What are financial statements in accounting?

One of the most important products of the accounting information system is financial statements, which enhances the decision-making power of individuals. Financial statements are documents that report the status of individuals or business units in monetary terms. Has our institution been profitable? Should new people be hired? Can we pay the rent for the institution? The correct answer to such questions can be asked from the accounting system. Do not confuse bookkeeping with accounting. Just as arithmetic is the operational part of mathematics, so is bookkeeping the operational part of accounting

Benefits and features of Sepidar software
The comprehensiveness of Sepidar software: Sepidar accounting software is a comprehensive software that covers all branches of accounting. All the information in these subcategories is related to each other and the accountant can use it.
Accurate reporting of Sepidar software: Sepidar financial software provides a very professional output and reports to the users of this information. Undoubtedly, these reports are very important for managers and are used in connection with measuring the profitability or loss of the company and informing creditors and debtors.
Accurate accounting of Sepidar accounting: One of the cases in which the need for accurate and detailed calculations is felt, is warehouse accounting. Sepidar financial software uses the best and most accurate method to perform calculations and reports and provides complete and accurate information.
Sepidar accounting software support: Having a strong support team so that people can learn how to work properly with the system is one of the important points that should be considered. Sepidar System accounting software support team uses people with high accounting knowledge and skills to be able to provide the best services and advice to users.
Company history of financial software provider: Buying financial software from a company with a long history and active in this field is very important. Many companies will not continue to operate after a short period of time for various reasons, and this is one of the main problems faced by companies that purchase financial software.

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