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  • November 3, 2021
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Accountant (Basic Public) E-Learning

Virtual Accountant Training (Basic Basic): Accounting is an information system that provides users with the necessary information by identifying, recording, classifying, summarizing, and reporting financial events. Financial statements: The final product of the accounting information system is financial statements. In the general sense, any report that is extracted from the accounting information system is called a financial report. The most important part of financial statements is the financial statements that are prepared at the end of each financial year.

Assets, liabilities, and capital are the main elements of the basic accounting equation. Assets are the financial resources of the institution, through which economic activities are performed. Property, receivables, and other economic resources belong to an institution. As a result of transactions, financial transactions, or other events that can be converted into money and have future benefits, they are called “assets”. Institutions have different assets depending on the type and volume of their activities.

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Debts: Liabilities that an institution owes to other persons and institutions arising from past transactions and events. It must be settled through payment, delivery of goods, service, or transfer of other assets, called “debt”. Debts usually come from borrowing assets from financial sources, taking out loans, taxing, and causing damage to others. Debt is, in fact, the demand of others from the institution. Capital: The financial right of the owner or owners of an institution to its assets is called “capital”. At any time by deducting the debts of an institution from its assets, the amount of capital is obtained.

What you will learn in the virtual accountant training course (introductory general):

  • Treasury registration
  • Build a general ledger, balance sheet, income statement
  • Know the relationship between General Ledger and the main financial statements
    Who is suitable for an accountant (introductory general) training course?
  • Students will gain a deeper understanding of the main financial statements and how they relate. Finally, you can prepare your income statement and balance sheet from your general ledger.
  • This accounting course is for people with a basic understanding of the implications for magazines and how they affect the balance sheet and income.

Prerequisites for this course:

  • Basic knowledge of Excel
  • Basic accounting knowledge

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