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  • November 3, 2021
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Accounting Of Revolving Fund

Salary Accounting Virtual Training: One of the company’s personnel is a trusted and honest person. And has been approved by the board of directors of the company and is introduced as a salaried employee. Therefore, the person who is in charge of managing the salary is called a salaried employee. Usually, in large institutions and companies, hiring is a very important and sensitive job. There are several types of payroll registrations. Including fixed revolving salary registration method, variable revolving registration method, cash revolving registration method, and accrual revolving revolving method.

The most important goals of accounting salary:
Easy and fast payment of expenses: Using the current and partial expenses of the company can be done more quickly and accurately, but not only that, in some cases, it is possible to use the salary to pay important and necessary expenses that allow access to facilities. There is no bank to pay them used.
Reducing the volume of accounting operations: Using the salary to pay reduces the volume of payment operations and consequently reduces the volume of accounting operations in a set. As a company’s payments move to bank or company cash payments, the speed of payment slows down and complicates the accounting operations in the company, but the payment of part of the costs by using the salary to pay from This reduces the pressure.
Cash management of the collection: Controlling the existence of cash for the company’s minor and cash expenses is itself an important matter that is very easy to manage using a revolving salary account.
What you will learn in the virtual payroll accounting training course:

  • Everything you need to know to become a trusted Xero user.
  • How to register in Xero and set up your account quickly and accurately
  • Get information about the invoice plan for sales, creation and billing.
  • How to enter a purchase invoice, including save attachments
  • Learn how to make an offer and send it to your customers.
  • How to prepare and issue an order
  • Learn more about adding a bank account, connecting to an Xero account, and great Xero Bank coordination.
  • How to create a report that you can then print or download
  • Learn more about Xero VAT and how to set up and review your VAT refund.
  • Payroll transactions
  • How to track your fixed assets in Xero.
  • How to set up and run a unique payroll on Xero
    Who is this course for:
  • All types of accounting students and business owners who want to learn how to save accounts for their jobs.

Salary Accounting Prerequisites:

  • A computer with internet access has everything you need

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