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  • November 3, 2021
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Accounting Of The Rights And Wages Refineries E-Learning

Refinery payroll virtual training: Accurate calculation and timely payment of salaries to employees is one of the most influential factors in the favorable relationship between workers and employers, and this important task is the responsibility of accountants in each group. Certainly, if the steps related to the accurate calculation of the salary of each employee are not considered properly, it will lead to employee dissatisfaction and reduce their efficiency and productivity, as well as the loss of employees’ trust in the company.

A refinery is a set of chemical process units that refine materials or convert raw materials into useful products. Refinery payroll accounting is in the area of ​​finance and business – accounting and has competencies such as processing operations and calculating staff salaries and benefits and providing monthly reports. This competency is related to accountants working in refineries.

It is also important to know that the recruitment unit provides payroll accounting conditions by providing basic payroll information or the same recruitment order to the accountant. In fact, every month, the information, documents, and records of the personnel are provided through the recruitment unit, and they advance the process of payment of salaries by issuing a verdict. The employment order includes all the legal receipts of the worker, including the following:

Child allowance
Right to housing
Foodstuffs and labor labels
Non-cash benefits
Rewards increase production
Annual profit
You will learn the topics of the refinery payroll virtual training course:

  • Ability to record complete personal and employment information Ability to define payroll items, benefits and deductions with custom titles Ability to prepare the social security organization diskette automatically for the desired personnel Ability to settle accounts with staff at any time and automatic calculation of years and holidays and… Ability to prepare a variety of personal, employment, salary and insurance reports Ability to import function information from the attendance device by Excel files

Prerequisites for this course:

  • This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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