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  • November 3, 2021
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Ajax Website Design And Programming E-Learning

Ajax Virtual Programming and Website Design Training Ajax is a new architecture for web applications, which is expanding very fast, Ajax is a technique. But to use this technique, web developers must be familiar with the basics of this technology and its components. In addition, programmers who intend to work with Ajax should change their thinking about web applications and try to ensure that the programs they write are consistent with the principles and foundations of Ajax, and from the very beginning is the design of the program. , Consider these principles.

The most important advantage of this architecture is that you no longer need to reload the web page to do anything.

The word Ajax is the title of the term XML and JavaScript Asynchronous, meaning JavaScript and XML asynchronous. Ajax is a new technology that can be used to create the interface of a web application so that when the user clicks on a button or link, all the information sending and receiving operations are done behind the scenes, and only the part of the interface that is supposed to Display new information to display without reloading the entire page. In Ajax course, you can use this new technology and
Examine the transformative from different angles and get acquainted with its technical basics.

List of Ajax Virtual Programming and Web Design Training Courses:
Ajax for everyone

Ajax + A new solution for web applications

  • Ajax and PHP training
  • Principles and techniques of Ajax
  • Beggining Ajax whit PHP
  • head first Ajax
  • java script JSON and Ajax
  • Ajax tutorials Point
  • Ajax Programming

Ajax website programming and the design training course are useful for the following fields:
Information Technology
Prerequisites for Ajax Website Programming and Design Training:

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