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  • November 3, 2021
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Analyzing Market And Competitiveness E-Learning

Virtual training in market analysis and competitiveness, to get acquainted with the concepts of market and competition. Market Opportunity Analysis is one of the business marketing plans that focuses on discovering future opportunities and evaluating the company’s technological, financial and competitive trends. This analysis includes identifying unmet customer needs, identifying target markets, evaluating competitive advantage, and the company’s resource capacity to meet market needs.

In principle, an analysis of marketing opportunities should be tailored to your financial capabilities, available technologies, and competitiveness. The results of these analyzes allow you to identify new target markets, correctly identify your customers’ needs, and put your competitive advantages into action. Especially if you are a start-up and in the early stages of your journey, it is best to do this analysis carefully instead of guessing what your customers will want next.

Advantages of Market Analysis and Competitiveness Course:
Our course begins with teaching the basics of quantitative and qualitative marketing strategies, then you will receive my complete guide to customer research and market research that introduces you to marketing analysis. We will then cover dozens of software tools and strategies for analyzing and improving existing marketing strategies for brands, projects, and individual companies.

You need a computer with good internet access.
You need to be open-minded about new ideas and concepts.
The chapters of the Virtual Training Course in Market Analysis and Competitiveness are:
Learn how to successfully prepare, perform, and analyze qualitative and quantitative research.

Do not understand emotion-based sales through goal theory and a concept called “ladder”.

Adjust your marketing strategies based on your emotions and strategies.

Use Google tools such as Google Trends, and Consumer Barometer to conduct data-driven market research.

Master the reverse engineering marketing behavior skills of institutions, brands and individual companies.

Learn how to analyze competitor / everyone marketing strategies.
Who is this course for:
People who want to become a marketing analyst.
Entrepreneurs who want to succeed in online and offline marketing.
Online marketers who want to understand and improve their marketing strategies.
Marketing analysts who want to improve and expand their skills.
Prerequisites for market analysis and competitiveness training course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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