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  • November 3, 2021
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Applied Econometrics E-Learning

Applied Econometrics Virtual Training: Econometrics is used as a branch of economics in many empirical studies. The importance of economic methods is so great that some consider it an integral part of economic analysis. And its application in areas such as monetary economics, international trade, etc. is considered inevitable. One of the salient features of this branch of economics (which allows for quantitative analysis) is its rapid and dramatic evolution over time, especially over the past decades. The importance of this issue is doubled when in some cases new methods and practices modify, supplement or violate the old methods. And therefore, unfamiliarity with new tools in this field can lead to misleading analyzes.

Another feature of econometrics is that it is not known as an abstract tool but as a practical tool in economics. What is important in using this tool, in addition to accurately identifying the theoretical aspects of the various methods, is the ability to integrate this tool quantitatively with economic theories.

What you will learn in the Virtual Applied Econometrics course:

  • How to think about applied econometrics

Who is a suitable applied econometrics training course?

  • Bachelor of Economics courses that are about to pass their second / third course in econometrics.
  • Undergraduate social scientists who have taken a course in statistics and want to use the data at the next level.
  • At the undergraduate level, where each project must be written, the dissertation revolves around trying to prove the effect of X on Y.
  • Social Sciences Postgraduate students who have taken a course in statistics and want / have to write any project. The dissertation revolves around trying to prove the effect of X on Y.
  • Expert or professional policy enthusiasts, who should be able to read and critique summaries of research and policies and meet in daily life.

Prerequisites for this course:

  • Preliminary statistics (until statistical inference)
  • High school algebra
  • Preliminary econometrics

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