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  • November 3, 2021
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Auto Insurance Damage Assessment Expert E-Learning

Virtual training of a car insurance damage assessment expert makes a person familiar with car insurance damage and its use. Assessment and settlement of damages is a very sensitive and complex work that should be considered as a showcase for the public to judge the performance of insurance companies. Because the criterion of the insurer’s judgment about the performance is how he deals with the victims. Especially in car insurance, where the car is a real need and is considered by different groups, and among its problems are traffic accidents and financial losses.

Therefore, insurers should look for a way to get out of the circle of insurers ‘dissatisfaction. The emergence of an institution called insurance claims assessment institutions and insurers’ use of their services is a good way to reduce dissatisfaction and customer orientation.

Car Damage Insurance Benefits:
An accident can be defined as an unplanned event or event. Basically, in most human societies, most of the movement of people and passengers is done by car, and buses, trucks, and passenger cars have penetrated into the heart of human life on such a large scale that it is really impossible to say that life is a means to an end. Understanding the needs of human society, insurance companies have come up with different plans to compensate for accidents. In car insurance, sometimes the insurer’s obligation is to compensate for the damage done to the insured vehicle, and sometimes to compensate for the damage to a third party.

The insurance damage assessment expert, while matching the components of the insurance policy with the current situation, evaluates the price of the insurance subject on the day before the accident and also estimates the amount of damage caused by the accident and estimates the volumes and amounts and the amount of recovery of the insurance subject.

The chapters of the virtual insurance expert’s virtual training course are:
Ability to identify effective factors in the workplace
Ability to detect vehicle type
Ability to detect car engines
Ability to detect car rooms and chassis
Who is this course for:
Insurance staff
Prerequisites for the training course of car insurance damage assessment expert:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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