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  • November 3, 2021
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Auto Insurance Expert E-Learning

Virtual training Car insurance expert’s virtual training: When you insure your car or any vehicle, you expect the insurance company to be obliged to pay its premium after the accident and visit the body insurance expert, and in case of accidents. Come to your aid. In the event of an accident with your vehicle, you will have to pay a fee to have the repairs done and the vehicle recover.

He is an expert in car insurance in the field of finance and business and has competencies such as calculating and determining the car body premium rate, reviewing the regulations related to third party insurance, determining the type of damage and costing car damage, and examining the legal relations of individuals in determining car authenticity. And its ownership and the insurers and insurers are in touch.

Car insurance expert virtual training course topics:

  • Review of insurance laws and regulations approved by the Central Insurance of Iran
  • Calculate and determine the premium rate of the car body
  • Review the regulations related to third party insurance
  • Analysis and review of car components and performance criteria of different parts
  • Determining the amount of damage and repair costs of car bodies
  • Who is responsible for the loss of car price drop?
  • Calculate the rates of risk variables in car body insurance using the generalized linear model

The duties of a car insurance expert are:
1- Did the damage occur within the scope of the insurance company’s obligations and is it specified in the insurance contract or not?

2- What is the severity of the damage and how much does it cost to repair it?

3- Has the car owner secured the vehicle in any way or not? Because it has sometimes been seen that if the owner of the vehicle had taken precautions, the damage would not have occurred so severely. In this case, the body insurance expert must report the amount of negligence of the car owner in order to reduce the cost of compensation.

4- After examining the body insurance expert in traffic accidents, it must be proven whether the owner of the car was to blame or not? If the driver is at fault, the discounts will be deducted, but if the police report reveals that another person was at fault. Therefore, the insurance company pays the compensation to the driver without deducting the body insurance discounts.

5- Car inspection in order to estimate the amount of damage

6- Initial inspection of the car before concluding the insurance contract or before renewing it

Prerequisites for this course:

  • This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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