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  • November 3, 2021
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Budget Accounting E-Learning

Virtual Budget Accounting Training: The budget consists of four stages, which in total are called the budget cycle; These four steps are: preparation and adjustment of the budget (proposed budget), approval of the budget (approved budget), budget implementation (allocation budget), budget monitoring and control (budget allocation)

Governments generally first forecast revenue and expenditure estimates for the next period in order to budget; Then, from the sum of these estimates and their adaptation to the information and assumptions collected, they prepare and prepare the proposed budget and, after the approval of the competent authorities, prepare it for implementation. They use the necessary methods and measures to ensure the proper execution of the budget, and the monitoring is done in the form of reviewing the results of the operation, in order to prevent problems from occurring.

The budget also has two sides: income and expenses. Each of these two sides must be weighed as carefully and accurately as possible; Because estimating figures that do not have a logical basis is not only not useful, but can also be harmful.

What you will learn in the virtual budget accounting training course:

  • Management accounting concepts
  • Budget scheduling methods
  • Specifications and duties of the Budget Committee
  • Arrange operations for the main budget
  • How to build a sales budget
  • How to build a production budget
  • How to prepare material budgets

Other topics:

  • How to create a direct work budget
  • How to build a factory overhead budget
  • How to prepare public and administrative budget
  • How to raise cash budget
  • How to make a cost statement of manufactured products
  • How to make the budget cost of goods sold
  • How to prepare a budget profit statement
  • How to prepare a budgeted balance sheet

Who is the right budget accounting course?

  • Accounting students
  • Business owners
  • Anyone who wants to learn accounting

Prerequisites for this course:

  • Understand basic accounting terms

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