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  • November 3, 2021
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Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP Switching) E-Learning

Cisco Virtual Networking Training, Tracer Packet software is a simulation environment for those who want to design the network, topology, configuration, network problems, and… This software is used to teach international Cisco certifications such as CCNA.

The physical equipment of computer networks is developing day by day. And at the same time, the prices of computer tools are increasing day by day. And updating this equipment may not be cost-effective or possible for all students, with the development of simulation technologies and software and its help to various sciences in which it is impossible to make mistakes or mistakes, or the cost of a one-time test is not cost-effective. We can use simulation technology. Such as simulations in sensitive surgeries, flying aircraft in difficult conditions, and…

Computer networks are no exception to this rule, and what you will learn in this course is how to design computer networks using Cisco Tracer Packet simulation software. Which introduces this software in simple language and how to install it. It introduces the tools, menus, and features of Cisco Tracer Packet Simulator software and then designs a computer network using the software wizard and existing tools. And finally, a closer look at the design of computer networks. And scans networks via the Interface Line Command or CLI command line. So you can easily design any type of computer network in any dimension you want.

List of Cisco Networking Virtual Training Courses:

  • Official Certification Guide
  • Practical_Studies_ Exam

Who is eligible for the Cisco Networking Training?
Cisco courses are not suitable for those who have no information about the network or start from scratch. Because it does not have a graphical interface. And must use the command to configure Cisco devices. And not too attractive to begin with. The learner may get bored at first. It is recommended to take Microsoft courses before Cisco courses.

Prerequisites for Cisco Networking Training
Microsoft courses

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