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Companies Accounting E-Learning
  • By Oxford Certificate
  • November 3, 2021
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Companies Accounting E-Learning

Virtual accounting training for companies, accounting, is the main pillar of the financial and economic information system of any society. Undoubtedly, following this call will be effective when all accountants are familiar with accounting matters and their objectives. To this end, due to the serious shortage of basic accounting courses, the authors decided to include the current course in the framework of corporate accounting with the aim of emphasizing the practical aspects of the content and given the environmental conditions of its operation and especially the provisions of commercial law. And provide explanations of each topic to the dear students by providing numerous examples.

At the end of each chapter, a number of questions are included in the practice. Solving them will enhance the students’ practical abilities. It should be noted that due to the current trend in society and the main discrepancies in the accounting method of cooperatives and relative companies with the tax law and other relevant laws of the country. And since the development of the global economy has virtually reduced the use of corporate and relative partnerships to the firm, the authors decided to provide parts of corporate accounting that are applicable to the country’s environment. Because the authors’ orientation in the direction of accounting education policies is to motivate and interest students in the field of accounting and general familiarity with the basics of accounting companies, especially joint stock companies.

Course Virtual Accounting Training Course Topics:

  • The meaning of bonds and debts
  • Difference between debts and stocks
  • Different modes of debt release
  • Accounting treatment for debt issuance in Par, Premium and discounts and subscriptions too
  • Debt release treatment other than cash
  • Release of debts as collateral
  • Profit treatment on debts

Prerequisites for corporate accounting training:

  • Basic English
  • The main idea of ​​the contents of the accounting journal will be an advantage.

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