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  • November 3, 2021
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Computer Financial Accounting Work E-Learning

Virtual training of financial accounting computer work: Financial accounting computer work is one of the jobs in the field of services, finance, and business occupational group. And includes tasks: creating financial period and users’ access to mechanized accounting, using accounting coding appropriate to the company’s activities, classifying detailed accounts in the software. Performing operations related to received and paid checks, preparing various warehouse and sales reports, performing Calculations of monthly salary, Eid, the redemption of leave balance, the redemption of years of registration and maintenance of fixed assets and calculations of depreciation and sale of assets, performing operations at the end of the fiscal year, preparing the required reports for the end of the fiscal year and writing books. Cholera is related to accounting, auditing, management, and sales accounting jobs.

What you will learn in the virtual computer course of financial accounting work:

  • Introduction to accounting, double entry accounting system and recording transactions using debts and credits
  • Analyze, use and create financial statements from scratch, including balance sheets, income statements, equity statements and cash flow statements
  • Use of two-input accounting system concepts
  • Record financial transactions using the accounting equation
  • Record financial transactions using debts and credits
  • When and how to use accounting methods such as accruals and cash
  • Apply the concepts of revenue recognition principle and matching principle to record transactions and read financial statements
  • Record the end-of-course regulator entries and be able to explain why adjusting the inputs is necessary. A well-designed accounting system
  • Register commercial transactions Record transactions related to inventory
  • Track inventory using cost flow methods such as FIFO, LIFO and weighted average methods
  • Create and use subsidiaries such as accounts receivable by the customer and accounts payable by the seller’s subsidiaries

Who is the right financial accounting computer training course?

  • Accounting students who are interested in the subject
  • Accounting specialists
  • Accounting and business students who, unlike most digital books that are used in most accounting programs these days. They want to have a reference source for what they can really hold.
  • Business professional who wants to have a comprehensive reference to the standard financial accounting topics they can refer to

Prerequisites for Financial Accounting Computer Virtual Training Course:

  • This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the basics

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