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  • November 3, 2021
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Controlling Project With MS Project Level 2 (Advanced) E-Learning

Virtual project control training with advanced second-degree projects: is one of the applications for MSP project planning and control. MSP project planning and control software is also known as MS project software. This software is one of the world’s leading software in the time management of large and small projects. This software is one of the subsets of Office software. Which has evolved in recent years by computer engineers. It has become an application software for managing the scheduling of various personal and work projects.

Project control is one of the main and most widely used industrial engineering courses. At present, it can be said that all companies use the topic of project control to predict their situation. Software such as Microsoft Project is used to facilitate project control. Microsoft Project software is used to manage projects based on project management science. And is part of the Office software suite. MS Project software gives you a big picture of the project. You can fill in all the details that need to be completed to achieve the goal and organize them. Microsoft Project helps you to record and implement your ideas and thoughts in an organized way.

more details:
With Microsoft Project, you can easily estimate the completion time of each activity or each phase of the project and make sure you can complete the project on time. Finally, when the project starts, you can update the schedule according to the actual start and end dates of the activities. In this case, Microsoft Project recalculates the program and shows how sooner or later the activities are completed. Finally, perhaps the most important advantage of using Microsoft Project is that during the planning and execution stages of the project, you can print reports that show the program and the progress of the work.

Topics of the project-based virtual project training course with advanced second-degree project:

  • Project control training with Microsoft Project

Prerequisites of the project control training course with the second-degree advanced project:

  • This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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