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  • November 3, 2021
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Evaluation And Financial Self-Evaluation Based On Quality Excellence Model E-Learning

Virtual training in evaluation and financial self-evaluation based on the model of quality excellence: The model of excellence is a tool to measure the deployment of systems in the organization and self-assessment and guidance. This model identifies and determines the direction of managers’ activities to improve performance. It can be said that EFQM is a model of organizational excellence that evaluates organizations and measures their performance. This model helps organizations to identify differences by comparing their current and desired situations. Then, by examining the causes of these differences, find solutions to improve the current situation and implement them.

In today’s world due to the speed and volume of information and the challenges facing organizations. The need for criteria for positioning and planning according to strengths and weaknesses seems more and more necessary. Quality awards and their specific models have been on the minds of theorists of organizations for decades. Deming Award and Award Malcolm Baldrige quality are one of them. Europe felt more and more the need to agree on such an award after the collective movement of the countries of the continent towards unity and full political-economic integration. Based on this, the European Quality Foundation, consisting of 14 European industrialized countries, proposed the EFQM Excellence Model. Given the political challenges facing our country and the constraints imposed by the great powers, the need to address EFQM is undeniable.

Virtual training courses of evaluation and financial self-evaluation based on the model of quality excellence:

Ability to use EFQM Excellence Model and Radar Logic (Model Execution Mechanism)
Ability to evaluate financial results based on the outcome evaluation logic (R)
Ability to evaluate different financial areas (empowerment of financial instruments)
Ability to evaluate financial strategies and budgeting in EFQM
Ability to assess financial risk and financial information systems in EFQM
Ability to evaluate liquidity management, cost management, cost, auditor, and internal controls from an EFQM perspective

Prerequisites for this course:

The financial evaluation and self-evaluation course does not require any special prerequisites based on the quality excellence model, and the course is taught from the ground up.

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