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  • November 3, 2021
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Exhibition Expert E-Learning

Exhibition Expert Virtual Training: In this course, you will first get acquainted with the ways in which you can introduce yourself as an artist. Then, you will be introduced to places where you can do your work and see how to access them. From there, the course goes into the details of planning an exhibition. You will be given guidance and you will be placed next to the main aspects of the preparation and implementation of the exhibition along with the budget considerations. You will also be presented with 3 ways to price your artwork as an emerging artist. Finally, you need to consider how to prepare and hang an exhibition of your artwork and what to consider when performing an opening (vernissage). Increase art sales opportunities, it starts.

What you will learn in the expert training course of the exhibition expert:

  • As an artist, you will become familiar with building your own brand
  • Introduces you to how to look for places where you can take your work to the stage and how to get close to them
  • You will be given guidance and will be exposed to the tools of preparing works of art for an exhibition
  • The financial aspects of the organization are presented to you at the exhibition as an artist
  • 3 methods for pricing works of art are provided to you
  • You will be able to understand what to plan when organizing the opening of the exhibition (vernissage)

Who is the right expert exhibition training course?

  • Current or enthusiastic visual artists who have little experience (maximum 2 exhibitions) or no experience in preparing exhibitions and performing venisage
  • Everyone is curious about the process of displaying a work of art for the artist

Prerequisites for this course:

  • Desire to learn
  • Being enlightened

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