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  • November 3, 2021
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Expert Of Evaluating The Fire Insurance E-Learning

Fire Insurance Assessor Virtual Training: Almost all countries have fire protection laws in every workplace. And ensure that these rules apply to plants. So fire knowledge is no longer an additional word or information.

Damage is a loss or loss caused by the occurrence of risks insured by the insurer. Fire insurance damage assessment in residential, office, commercial (non-industrial) uses, industrial sites, and uses are the most requested to assess possible damages in the field of fire. Which is done for two purposes: to investigate the cause of the accident. Estimating and determining the number of damages that insurers are entitled to receive according to the terms of the insurance policy.

Fire insurance damage assessor while adapting the insurance policy components to the current situation and taking photos of the damaged parts and inquiring about the premium. Looks at the damaged items and interprets the damage as well as classifies and distinguishes burnt and semi-burnt items. Then, in order to evaluate the number of damages caused by the fire incident, it is interpreted and in order to prepare a report and adjust the damage calculation form (determining the amount of damage).

Fire insurance damage assessment methods:

  • Fire observation and counting methods
  • Weight method
  • Volumetric method
  • Estimation method
  • Comparative method of occupations and classmates in the same order in terms of sexual volume and rials of available items
  • Method of submission of documents by the insurer: The percentage of fire damage is determined based on the purchase or repair sheet.
  • The method of auditing the books and turnover of the insurer
  • Research method from sellers of goods to the insurer
  • Agreed method and percentage with the insurer
  • A combination of the above methods

Who is the appropriate fire insurance assessor training course?

  • Workers in industrial environments.
  • Applicants in safety and health occupations.
  • Safety and health professionals.
  • Students and newcomers are looking to build a solid CV.
  • Everyone wants to protect their home, workplace, etc. from fire.

Prerequisites for this course:

  • No special prerequisites required and the course is taught from the ground up.

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