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  • November 3, 2021
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Expert Of Orders E-Learning

Ordering Expert Virtual Training: Ordering expert in the field of commercial finance. Where skills such as applying job regulations, applying organizational structure instructions, conducting administrative correspondence, convening meetings and negotiations, concluding contracts, participating in tenders and auctions, and communicating with the planning and ordering unit of materials and equipment And is associated with jobs such as production manager and planning manager.

The most important sales negotiation techniques:

  • Make the scores completely transparent
  • Listen first, then speak
  • Order offer figures should not be offered in a limited way
  • Being middle is not always good
  • Write the text of the contract after it is finalized
  • Negotiate with the decision maker
  • Do not just talk about price
  • The human aspects of the transaction are important
  • Identify when to leave the negotiation correctly

Did you know that according to Article 183 of the Civil Code, a contract or contract means that one or more persons commit themselves to do something against one or more other persons and this is accepted by both parties; Therefore, the first condition for concluding a contract is the consent of the parties. The second point is that depending on the type of contract that is regulated, the laws governing the country should be considered in this regard because if its provisions are contrary to law, this contract is not legally valid and is not protected by law.

Virtual training course topics for orders experts:

  • Ability to apply instructions related to the organizational structure and management of the organization
  • Ability to do administrative correspondence and set up reports
  • Ability to convene a meeting and master the techniques of negotiating with customers
  • Ability to conclude a contract and follow up on related matters
  • Ability to participate in tenders and auctions
  • Ability to use methods to communicate with the production unit and order the required materials and equipment
  • Ability to apply trade, labor and social affairs laws

Prerequisites for the expert course of orders:

  • This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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