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Financial Documentation Officer E-Learning
  • By Oxford Certificate
  • November 3, 2021
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Financial Documentation Officer E-Learning

Virtual training is a financial document manager to review the job and duties of a financial document manager. The financial document manager is a job in the field of administration, finance, and business. It is in charge of preparing and preparing financial documents, and this job is related to jobs such as general manager of budget, accountant, general manager of public and private banks.

Types of financial documents:
In the world of business, four types of financial documents are used and companies can show their financial performance with the help of these rules:

Income document:
Some call it a profit and loss document. Covers a specific period of time (for example, quarterly or annual intervals). In income documents, the amount of expenses is deducted from the financial income and as a result, the net amount of income will be determined.

Balance Sheet
The balance sheet represents assets as well as liabilities at the end of the accounting period. In other words, the balance sheet is a short and quick inquiry at a specific time. In balance sheets, a company’s assets are equal to the amount of debt plus equity

Document and a current money bill
Represents money in real circulation inside and outside the company over a period of time. In contrast, the company’s revenue within income documents is a non-cash number. The current currency document shows the amount of liquidity that flows through the company’s activities, individual investments, and financial activities.

Accumulated profit statement (retained)
It covers a specific time period and represents a specific and unique statistic: the separate costs associated with paying shareholders and the costs borne by the company. Having notes on a company’s financial documents can provide more information in the area of ​​accounting and finance.

The chapters of the virtual training course of the financial document manager are:
Ability to account for a variety of economic units
Ability to use appropriate account headings in transactions
Ability to transfer figures to financial offices
Ability to set up financial documents
Prerequisites for the course of preparing financial documents:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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