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  • November 3, 2021
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Governmental Accounting E-Learning

Virtual Government Accounting Training: State and local government accounting principles, decision making, budgeting and planning methods, and capital budgeting are taught in this course. The first part of this course is an overview of accepted principles of accounting (GAAP) and financial reporting. It is followed by an introduction to budgeting, resource allocation, and financial decision-making. This course then introduces the various budgeting processes and methods that governments have used in preparing, approving, and implementing budgets. This course concludes with an overview of how the government is funded to improve capital and infrastructure, as well as the causes of financial distress in government institutions.

In fact, during this process, the financial information of all ministries, government agencies are collected, classified, processed, and reported. To manage financial decisions and approved annual budget programs well. This process is actually a kind of system. Government accounting is known in English as Governmental accounting.

What you will learn in the virtual accounting training course:

  • Discover the basics of accounting that can be used by governments. Identify how to use comprehensive annual financial reports and other financial documents to assess the financial strengths or weaknesses of state-owned companies.
  • Explore the processes, techniques, and methods used by governments to prepare, approve, and execute budgets.
  • How governments plan and fund “brick and mortar” infrastructure projects and the analytical techniques used. Determine the appropriate capital for the public interest, including cost-benefit analysis.
    Explore the elements of municipal bond issuance, underwriting, credit analysis and investment management.
  • Discover the causes of financial distress and Ch.
    Who is this course for:
  • Anyone interested in accounting, finance or related fields

Prerequisites for government accounting course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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