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  • November 3, 2021
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Head Of Sales (Wholesale) Of Industries E-Learning

Virtual training of sales managers or wholesalers of industries makes people familiar with the duties and jobs of sales managers. The basics of sales management help new sales managers learn the basics of managing a sales team to provide the exact steps to building a successful 90’s plan. This course includes a set of templates to help you calculate sales speed, identify your organization’s sales maturity, assist with interviews, and more.

Sales Manager Definition:
A sales manager is a person who, after passing a training course by analyzing, planning, organizing, executing, and controlling sales activities, can lead the sales force to achieve the goals of the organization. The sales manager is a process of monitoring and managing sales experts to Build strong relationships with potential customers. Successful sales managers help the sales team achieve the specified targets by applying strategies and accurate goals.

Duties of Sales Manager:
Receive customer feedback and address them
Collaborate in identifying, evaluating, and selecting sales agents and marketers
Updating the list of sales agents and marketers
Design and update the website and catalog of products and services.
Review reports Monitoring the performance of sales agents and informing them of the results.
Collaborate on supplier performance evaluation with the supplier-related unit
The follow-up to deliver products and services to customers according to the agreed schedule.
Supervise the process of issuing pre-invoices and sales invoices.
The chapters of the Virtual Training Course for Sales or Wholesale Industries are:
Have a strong foundation in building a sales team, managing its performance, and achieving goals.
Who is this course for:
New sales managers or people who are interested in changing the position of sales manager.
Prerequisites for the training course of sales manager or industrial wholesaler:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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