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  • November 3, 2021
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Identifying The Principles Of Capital Market E-Learning

Virtual training to identify the principles of the capital market makes people familiar with the capital market. Includes tasks: identifying the position of the capital market in the economy, reviewing the basics of quantitative methods in the capital market, identifying financial markets, identifying financial instruments, identifying financial institutions in Iran, reviewing the rules and regulations of the capital market, and dealing with stock analysts And a fundamental analyst, trader, and stockbroker.

Knowledge of English
Basic math knowledge (calculator recommended for some lectures).
The program framework includes lectures that cover 7 separate topics:
Capital Markets Roadmap – The main participants, exporters, investors, intermediaries in the capital markets, what they trade there for, and the programs in which market participants use the tools and the role they play.
Basic Mathematics – Introduces you to the various types of calculations and related concepts used by financial market participants in mass applications.
Fixed Income Securities – Introduces you to the fixed income securities market.
Equity – Introduces stock values ​​by providing an overview of product types, including direct and indirect products. And display types of stocks and exchanges, investors, diversity, and fluctuations.
Introduces futures and options – derivatives in general, to show the common features of derivatives and their differences from other types of financial instruments.
Interest Rate Exchange – Take a look at interest rate swaps in detail. First, swaps are introduced in general, then the structure of the most common type of interest rate swap – fixed or floating interest rate swap – is examined.
The chapters of the e-learning course identifying the principles of the capital market are:
You can apply all the concepts of financial mathematics, including NPV, IRR, PV, FV to real business problems.
You will learn how to describe players, products, markets, and applications of capital market tools.
You will be able to interpret the meaning of the performance curve and how financial markets and instruments work.
You can explain the full range of fixed income instruments, their exporters and investors, and how they are structured.
You can provide details of market products, shareholders, and market dynamics.
You will be able to determine future applications and programs and options.
Who is this course for:
Analysts and partners in commercial, corporate, and investment banking.
Relationship managers (0-5 years) in commercial, corporate, and investment banking.
Prerequisites for the training course on identifying the principles of the capital market:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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