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  • November 3, 2021
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Identifying The Principles Of Resistance Economics E-Learning

Virtual training to identify the principles of resistance economics: Competence is the job field of the Department of Finance and Business. It includes the study of the basic concepts of economics, the study of the concept of resistance economics, the study of the concept of austerity, the identification of the main factors affecting the resistance economy, and the identification of the achievements of the resistance economy. Related to planning and management jobs. This course introduces the basic principles of economics from the point of view of the Austrian school.

Based on Karl Menger’s economic principles, the course covers Ludwig von Mises and human action, economics and government-centeredness, the concepts of human action, scarcity, opportunity cost, time priority, capital, trade, money, and price.

What you will learn in the virtual training course to identify the principles of resistance economics:

  • Basic principles of economics

The five principles of resistance economics are:
1- It is endogenous: it means it boils from the heart of our country and our people. The growth of this sapling and this tree depends on the facilities of our country; Endogenous means this.

2- It is extroverted: It means that this resistance economy does not mean that we confine our economy to the country itself. Interacts with global economies, confronts the economies of other countries with power.

3- People are based: it means it is not based on the government and it is not a government economy, it is a people’s economy. With the will of the people, the capital of the people, the presence of the people is realized. It is not governmental. This does not mean that the government is not responsible for it. The government has the responsibility to plan, lay the groundwork, build capacity, guide, and assist.

4- It is knowledge-based: it means it uses scientific advances, relies on scientific advances, puts economics on the axis of science. To say that knowledge-based does not mean that elements with the experience of an artisan or farmer who has done great things based on experience over the years do not play a role. No, they also have a very important role to play.

  1. It is justice-oriented: The index of justice – economic justice and social justice in society – is one of the important indicators in the resistance economy. But this does not mean that the existing scientific indicators of the world are ignored. Who is the appropriate training course to identify the principles of resistance economics:
  • Anyone interested in bitcoin or economic principles.

Prerequisites for this course:

  • Access to courses through the Internet, basic familiarity with the Internet

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