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  • November 3, 2021
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Identifying The Principles Of Resistance Economics E-Learning

Virtual Learning to Identify the General Policies of a Resistance Economy: This course “Macroeconomics: The IS-LM Model” provides a summary of the various components of economics. It will also help to understand the effects of various policy measures taken by governments and central banks on the economy. This course is divided into four sections. Section A provides an overview of the economy with special reference to the commodity and asset markets. To familiarize learners with the components of economics.

The various components of aggregate demand, Keynesian national income determination, various demand for the money supply, money supply, and interest rate determination in the money market will be discussed in detail. Section B defines and extracts both IS & LM curves. And thus markets introduce goods and money in a technical way. It also explains the possible effects of changes in the commodity and money markets on the IS and LM curves.

In Section C, learners are introduced to demand management policies and their effects on the IS and LM curves. And in the last section, Section D, the simultaneous equilibrium of an economy with the effects of fiscal and monetary policies is analyzed. It enables learners to assess the effects of a particular policy on the economy. They are also able to make policy suggestions.

What you will learn in the virtual training course to identify the general policies of the resistance economy:

  • Build the IS-LM model.
  • Use this model to interpret the different effects of politics on the economy.
  • Develop macroeconomic policy proposals.

Who is suitable for identifying the general policies of the resistance economy?

  • Students in both economics and business will benefit from this course.
  • An easy course for everyone

Prerequisites for this course:

  • This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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