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  • November 3, 2021
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Industrial Control Systems Security E-Learning

Virtual training of industrial control systems security, the issue of cyber security of industrial control systems, and SCADA is so important that it is an important international concern. To the extent that the industrialized countries have been issuing special orders by the authorities for the past three years, establishing cyber security as one of their main goals in the security debate. For example, in February of this year (February 2012), the US President issued a special decree to improve the cyber security of the sensitive infrastructure. But what is the reason for such concerns on the part of the international community?

The noise made by Stuxent drew the attention of intruders to industrial control systems. And let it be clear to them how sensitive and vulnerable these systems are. In 2011, major vulnerabilities in industrial control systems were made public as soon as they were discovered, without being patched, along with exploitation codes. And this level of public vulnerability is unprecedented compared to the last decade. And this record was broken again in 2012 and the evidence shows that in 2013 the level of these vulnerabilities was much higher than in 2012.

Industrial control systems:
They are computer-based systems used to control industrial processes and physical functions. Extensive use of these systems in the infrastructure and vital systems of the country has led to the formation of a new type of cyber attack on large industrial networks in our country. Among the famous and well-known examples in recent years, we can mention Stuxent and Viper.

In this training course, while introducing industrial control systems and various models available; Security issues and challenges related to these systems are thoroughly investigated. Providing executive solutions to reduce the risks of industrial control systems, methods of securing them according to international standards, the best global experience in the field of protection of industrial control systems, as well as reviewing Iran’s national requirements in this regard, are other issues in this course.

Who will benefit most from this course?

  • Managers, officials and leaders of industrial control systems.
  • Managers and officials of automation systems and ERP of the organization.
  • Managers and experts in information technology and security of industrial control systems.
  • Managers and experts in information technology and security of industrial networks.
  • Managers and experts in security and information technology.
  • Information security consultants for industrial control systems.
  • Other people interested in information security topics.

List of topics of the virtual training course on the security of industrial control systems:

  • Security in SCADA industrial control systems
  • Effective security in industrial control organizations
  • Security of industrial control networks
  • Improved security in SCADA systems
  • Industrial control
  • Guide to controlling the security of industrial systems
  • Penetration test

Prerequisites for Industrial Control Systems Security Training Course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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